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Self-Help Isn't Selfish

Friends, you might know I'm a podcast fanatic. Chances are, if you're reading this, I've probably sent you a link to a show or episode I thought you'd like. One of my favorites is Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations. For the past few weeks she's been doing a chapter-by-chapter tutorial with Eckhart Tolle on his book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. If you haven't already, I would highly recommend reading it; however, the material can be heavy. What's great about the podcast is Oprah and Eckhart break down important and sometimes difficult-to-process ideas into easily digestible wisdom nuggets. 

At the same time I just finished Martha Beck's Steering by Starlight: Find Your Right Life No Matter What. Based on these activities, it could appear that I'm struggling to find my life's purpose, but I'm actually good. Still, it's important to make sure your tools are sharp so I'm sharpening mine.

One of the exercises in St…

You'll Never Be Enough

Raise your hand if you have had this experience: You hear a sentiment expressed 37 different ways and then suddenly when you hear it expressed the 38th way, the light of 1000 suns shines right on your brain and you Get. It. like you never did before.

Sometimes when it happens, you look back at the other 37 things like ohhhhhhh, yeah, that makes so much sense. But damn, that 38th thing ... you feel it in your guts as my friend says.

This happened to me the other day while listening to the Earn Your Happy podcast. In this episode the host, Lori Harder, also author of A Tribe Called Bliss, which I just ordered btw, says, "You'll never be enough for who you're not enough for." Read it again if you want, I'll wait. I had to pause the podcast, pull over, write it down, listen to her say it five more times, get the idea.

I have wrestled with this concept in some capacity for most of my life. I've been a good girl and a people-pleaser. I have chased acc…