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Sweating, Swearing, and finally Sunshine

Yesterday, I went to a funeral for an amazing woman. She was one of my mom's best friends for more than 40 years and had the most wonderful zest for life. She laughed and sang and danced through life. She left messages for my mom saying, "CIAO!!!" and sent her birthday cards every year reminding her that she was just a little bit younger. They're both 85. My heart aches for her family because she was, as her son eloquently eulogized, like sunshine. When witnessing a life-altering transition, I try to focus on presence. Life is temporary. People are temporary. We have a short time to do whatever it is we're going to do, so we'd best not squander it. Also, yesterday, I saw a friend's adorable pictures of a kindergarten field trip with her little boy. It tugged at my heart because I remembered the same trip with my little boy. The not-so-little-anymore boy who finishes his junior year of high school next week and will--in just over a year--leave for co

A Big Fat Heaping Spoonful of Self-Awareness

Lately I've been overthinking more than usual about a couple situations. In fact, I've been ruminating. I know they're synonyms, but ruminating feels darker to me. More destructive. "Overthinking" can and often does bring me to a solution whereas ruminating keeps me stuck on a merry-go-round revolving nauseatingly around a situation that's completely out of my control. Follow me down this rabbit hole, if you will. I am a highly sensitive person. I will beat myself up for days if I think I've said or done something unkind. I'll lose sleep over possibly offending someone. Countless times, I've texted my girlfriends to apologize for something I did or said. Countless times, they've said that my behavior was not offensive. Granted, I'm outrageously blessed to have a tribe of absolutely A M A Z I N G women, but they will tell you if you're out of line...lovingly.   Given this trait, I sometimes project onto others and think they--t