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While We're on the Subject...

So there's been a lot of talk about domestic violence, what should happen to Ray Rice,  #whyistayed #whyileft, what Janay did or did not do to provoke him, and on and on. I do not believe it is ever okay for a man to hit a woman, or vice versa for that matter. But...let's talk about what happens before. Let's discuss what might happen in your life that could lead to a place where your man knocks you out in an elevator and drags you like a bag of trash into the hallway. I was abused until I was 17. Punched, slapped and kicked. Called fat, stupid, worthless and a whore. By the time I was 18,   I already believed I somehow deserved whatever bad things happened to me. I already felt worthless. So before we crucify the NFL, let's consider the underlying problems. The real issue at hand is not limited to the NFL's handling of Mr. Rice or whether Janay should have left her husband. Let's consider: Are we instilling in our daughters a healthy self-image? Are we