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A Story Unfinished: 99 Days With Eliot (Review)

Since I have been devouring books on my social media break, I am thrilled for the opportunity to review titles for Beacon Hill Press--that's the cute new little button you see on the right. Although I probably wouldn't have chosen this title on my own, I am grateful for any opportunity to strengthen my faith and compassion. A Story Unfinished: 99 days with Eliot , details one family's journey through pregnancy, a heartbreaking diagnosis, and the unexpected opportunity to love a baby who wasn't supposed to live. At 30 weeks pregnant, the Mooneys were told their son, Eliot, had a genetic disorder that would likely end his life before it even got started.  However, God had a different plan, and Eliot's parents got to spend 99 days with him. This family finds their faith stretched, tested, and strengthened beyond what many people could imagine, and they learn the lessons, apply them and bless others with their knowledge.

Heart Hiccups

So, I've had a whole bunch of time on my hands the last few weeks fasting Facebook and being unemployed. I've spent a great deal of it writing, reading and doing yoga, so I'll be smarter and more flexible by the time I "see" most of you again. Well, I may not be smarter, but I can hold crow for about 5 breaths, and I have an increased sense calmness and peace. Evidently, just reading other people's drama profoundly affected my peace of mind. And I am still not an intellectual, but I've learned that I can dust, sweep, mop, clean toilets, the whole housecleaning shebang in about two hours when I don't stop to read notifications every five minutes. I have watched some really good moves. You know, actually watched them--not the whole listen as you scroll and occasionally look up, and: "Hahaha, did you see that?" "No, I missed it." "Wait...rewind!" Is that just our house? Although it all ready annoyed me, it's

Fast On. Again.

Evidently, lots of people are giving up Facebook for Lent. There's even some cute little profile pictures you can use and 415,782 (at least 3) blogs all ready written advocating why people are, aren't or think it's a great/stupid/beneficial/lame idea. Now, I'm not a particularly opinionated person. I'm not a fixer. I'm no good at giving advice because of the whole, "If I were you..." thing that I kind of wrote about here . In fact, I'm pretty terrible at lots of things, but I'm actually really good at listening, hugging, snuggling, and getting sidetracked. I'm awesome at getting sidetracked. If there were an Olympic event called sidetracking, I'd be a contender. Is there? It seems like spell-check should have redlined sidetracking, but it didn't, but it did redline "redlined..." Back to this fast: Giving up social media for me is an opportunity to spend more time reading (I just got 4 new books), writing, creating, l