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NEWSFLASH: I'm not Skinny, Fast, or Crafty

Recently, I've gotten to spend time with some of my favorite people that I don't see regularly. Women who inspire me, teach me, understand me and accept me. Women who are confident, independent, comfortable in their own skin and encouraging of others. Women who are amazing mothers, writers, researchers, advocates, friends and sisters. I love them all and am so grateful for their presence in my life. A few weeks ago, I read The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson. It was a short, very interesting read that detailed the story of Jabez in Chronicles, his powerful prayer, and how to live a fully blessed life ourselves. So, I started praying the prayer of Jabez every day for myself and my family, for our church and our pastors, and for everyone who asks for prayer. Right now, I'm gonna pray it for my dog as she is emitting an odor that suggests she may have consumed a cadaver. I sometimes pray for my animals. Some people think that is crazy, and maybe it is. I don't th

Anybody Got a Light?

Today, is my one year anniversary free from nicotine. I smoked more than half my life. The first time I smoked a cigarette I was 9. Yep. NINE. Two years older than my baby. I LOVED fact I still do. I love the way they feel between my fingers, on my lips, the way they smell...I love them. Even now, occasionally, I will pick one of Brad's up. Just to feel it. But I never light it. I hated being addicted to nicotine. I didn't smoke in the house or car, but I can remember feeling so agitated on the way home from anywhere. Anxious to get my kids in the house so that I could smoke a cigarette. I was embarrassed that I smoked too. I didn't want anyone to know. I took great pains not to smell like smoke or smoke around anyone who wasn't part of my inner circle. People would say, "I didn't know you smoked!" Good! I didn't want you to. When I began really to put God first in my life, I realized that even He came second to cigarettes. I am not

Peaches and Pain

It feels like fall today, which simultaneously makes me happy and sad. Happy because I love fall. Sad because winter follows, and I don't like winter. I love so many things about fall: football, fires, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin everything, fresh apples, hoodies, snuggling under blankets. When I was little I loved going to the Harding football games with my dad. We usually left at halftime, after the bands performed,which was my favorite part. I held onto his pinky because my hands were little and his were big. We walked through an area of Warren, that most people probably wouldn't walk through at night with their kids now, but I never felt afraid. Yesterday, Chloe told me she missed my dad. I missed my dad too. It was funny--weird, not haha--though not really because Chloe and I are always eerily connected. Once, I woke up in the middle of the night really worried and uneasy. I prayed for about two hours and finally went back to sleep. She told me the next day that she had wand