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Gaining and Losing...and Gaining.

I'm taking a break from Facebook. I didn't disable my account for a few reasons:

  1. It's my only connection to some people I might want to reach. 
  2. Still trying to sell a book so -- social media presence. 
  3. Lily likes to peruse animal adoption pages and then engage me in lively dinnertime musings such as, "Mom. Can you even stand this puppy? Look how CUTE it is! Ruby needs a baby sister. What if no one adopts it and they put it to sleep? Can you live with yourself if that happens? Wow. Really? Well, I can't." 
  4. I might need to ask for recommendations about a plumber or AirBNB or having surgery for a bone spur. And everyone knows FB gives the best advice.

So I have legit reasons, but I took the app off my phone and I just don't look at it. Like many other things, when I don't see it, I don't think about it. Pizza, for example. I rarely think about its doughy, cheesy goodness unless it's sitting on my bar top whispering its sultry, sizzling siren song. Well, I'm thinking a little bit about it now, but that will pass.

Facebook wasn't really my point. I'm telling y'all that now because: I'm gonna click the link at the bottom to share this--on Facebook--so more than the 12 people who follow my blog will see it. BUT if you comment on FB, I won't see it. So, if you want to talk to me about anything you read, please comment here. Also Blogger can be a real bugger about deleting your comments, I know, so you can also send me a message (not available on the mobile site). Or, come see me on the 'gram. Or email me:

I'm all over the place this morning, I apologize--blaming it on water intoxication. I read this the other day: Old ways won't open new doors. Yes, true. So that sent me down a what-is-that-stinking-quote rabbit hole ....

It was this:

Now, I've been thinking more and more--with every painful step I take (I have arthritis and a bone spur, which the doctor said can only be fixed through surgery)--that if I lose 20 pounds my foot might feel better. Therefore, I feel compelled to try that before taking any drastic measures. Here's the thing about losing 20 pounds: For the last, oh I don't know 5 years, maybe? With the exception of a few times where I lost 10 pounds for a minute, I've gained and lost the same 5 pounds and usually just 3. Over. And. Over.

I rarely feel like making drastic changes in order to achieve the goals I want to achieve, but sometimes I just do it anyway. I hardly ever leap excitedly onto my yoga mat, but I'm always happy I arrived there, however I arrived. I write every day and sometimes share really personal stuff even though people occasionally say not so nice things about it (and me) because I'm a writer.
Full disclosure, I changed that 5 times. (I want to be a writer. I want to legitimately call myself a writer. I want to be a legitimate get it. It's a good time in my brain, you guys.)

So, one of my best friends started this "diet"--more like a lifestyle change--and looks amazing and feels great. Inspired by my girl, I decided to try it. Of course, I'm a super food rebel. I generally eat very clean and drink a smoothie every morning, but as soon as someone tells me to drink a smoothie, I'm like, "Oh. Hell. No. I want pancakes." Knowing this about myself, I immediately modify* any diet/lifestyle change into something sustainable for me. Additionally, if I make my own rules then I don't have any gatekeepers chiming in, "But I thought you couldn't eat this," or "Are you allowed to have that?" I do what I want. Thank you for your interest in my well-being.

Four days in, I've drank more water than ever before in my life. I haven't had any alcohol--I didn't tell myself I couldn't have any alcohol because that would be a surefire fail. I'm not hungry despite consuming far fewer calories than I normally do. All in all, I feel pretty darn good. My head is clear. I slept like the dead. I've lost the 3 pounds -- I call them "the big three," because: Milo Ventimiglia. I love This is Us, but I've been a super-Milo-fan since Heroes so even if he was in a a really shitty show, I would watch it.

So I'm going to try to stick with this for a bit and see what shakes out.

Tell me, friends, what big changes--or little changes--are you making? How are you going about it? Any books, podcasts you're loving? I told my girlfriends, if anything earth-shattering happens on FB, they'll need to text me, but so far I haven't missed out on anything. Imagine...

*Here's my version of the diet/lifestyle change, if you're interested:
Each thing every day:
Meditate, do yoga, go for a walk (which was easy since I already did these things)
Drink a gallon of water (I maybe drank 24 oz of water a day, not counting coffee and tea, so this has been ... challenging). Also: I pee ALL THE TIME. So, I've pretty much just been chilling in the house.
No sugar, flour or grains.
Lots of vegetables, fruit, a few nuts, a couple olives and tiny bits of feta cheese, olive and coconut oil, plain yogurt...honey and maple syrup in moderation.
Green and dandelion root tea 2x/day.
Oh and a shot of vinegar, turmeric, and cayenne pepper morning and night--this was also easy since I already did it in the morning, I just added another at night.


  1. Surgery is not the only fix for a heal spur. My son and I both have them and there are heal inserts or full shoe inserts that do a pretty good job of alleviating the symptoms and pain. A shot of cortisone gets the ball rolling. Mt podiatrist at Cleveland Clinic says surgery sucks and should be a last resort, if EVER.

    1. Oh that is good to know; thank you! My bone spur is at the base of my big toe. I've had two shots of cortisone, and he said if that didn't fix it, surgery was the only other option. I'll definitely get another opinion.

  2. I keep gaining and losing the same weight over and over, too. For longer than 5 years. I'm currently back on the Every Other Day Diet - because no foods are off limits - your pancakes comment made me laugh out loud - and also walking and doing a little Pilates with an online video. I'm all about the life of the mind and honestly, having a body at all is annoying. But it's either buy bigger clothes every year or quit eating so much, soo...

    1. You had good success with the every other day diet before, I remember. I think I even tried it for a minute because you talked so favorably about it lol!

      I agree wholeheartedly about the life of the mind—such a great perspective!

  3. Oh, and trying to quit FB always makes me think of Ross and Chandler: "We wanna quit the gym!" Almost impossible. I'm currently popping in every morning to check the "on this day" thing. I realized that FB is holding all the funny things my kids have said for the past 9 years. So I look at everything I posted on that day through my FB years, write down anything I actually want to remember long-term, and then delete all the posts from that day. It's a year plan to quit FB. Funny how we all want out of it and yet have trouble doing that. I can't quite quit because of trying to start a school.

    1. That is a great plan!! I could maybe try that,
      But I think—much like nicotine—it might be something I need to just abstain from completely. BUT, I do have lots of pictures and memories, so I won’t deactivate it.

      Start a school?? Did I miss a post??

    2. Just a "cottage school" - one day a week classes for homeschoolers.


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