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Father's Day Revisited

For the past few weeks, our life has been filled with changes. I'm a big fan of change. I don't like monotony. My family will tell you I never make the same dinner twice. Sometimes that's good, but other times, Brad and Peyton exchange glances that say, "I wish she would have written that one down." Oh well.

One of the biggest changes is Brad's job. He has been working so hard, adapting to so many new challenges, being stretched reallllllllly farrrrrrrr out of his comfort zone, and homeboy does not like change. With that in mind, I'm hoping that I can make father's day not suck for him this year.

Especially since he gave me the most amazing mother's day gift--one of those I-Spy Birdhouses. You know, the one that sticks on your window so you can see the bird making a nest? I. Was. So. Excited. And he bought it while he was out of town and had it shipped so it a surprise. Usually, we walk through a store, I show him what I want, and he makes a clandestine trip to get it. 

I immediately set it up and waited expectantly for birds. For weeks. I had so many big dreams. There are orioles living in the tree next door, maybe them, or a hummingbird, shoot, I'd even be happy with a regular old robin. The other day the kids yell, "MOMMMMMAAAAAA, GUESS WHAT!!!" I run to the window only to hear, "THERE'S A WASP MAKING A NEST IN YOUR BIRDHOUSE." Really? I got you, Universe.  

So I keep thinking about how to make this father's day really awesome for him instead of staying in my bed crying all day because my dad is dead, like I've done the past few. My heart goes out to a few of my friends who just recently lost their dads. You are in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. More and more people I know have lost a parent; I guess we are kind of getting to that stage of life. On the flip side, lots of my friends are also having grandbabies, and I'm pretty excited about getting to that stage of life. I mean not yet, but soon.

Back to parents. The kids and I were having a great discussion last night. Here's some context: You know when you are at the playground, and there is always a kid with no parents in sight? The kid who keeps coming up and tugging on your arm saying, "Hey, watch me! Hey, can you push me on the swing? Hey, are you watching?" The kid that follows your kid around, and after everything she does says, "I can do that too. Watch!" Is it just me? Tell me it's not just me.

We were talking about that kid, and the kids that sit on everyone's lap, the girls that seek male attention way too early, and the boys that seek female companionship when they should be playing catch. My kids have never really been like that, and I hope it is because we filled their love tanks at home. They don't have a big extended family involved in their lives, but they have us. And we love them enough for 10 people.

Back to Father's day. I'm all over the place today, I apologize. I have heard that the best thing a dad can do for his kids is to love their mom, and my husband does that very well. And to some degree, I agree with that. However, the best thing that my dad did for me was to make me feel loved and valued. Granted, it wasn't until later in life, but better late than never. I knew no matter what other people thought of me or said about me, there was one man who thought I hung the moon, and I will miss him for the rest of my life.

And you know what? My kids know that their dad thinks they hung the moon. He makes our girls feel beautiful and special and deserving of the very best, and he connects with our son intellectually and athletically and gives him a great example of how to be a man, a husband, and a father. He is a perfect mix of playful and serious, and my LORD, he is good looking.

So this year, I vow to spend Father's day loving my baby daddy and being grateful for a season of being my own daddy's little girl.


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