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Heart Hiccups

So, I've had a whole bunch of time on my hands the last few weeks fasting Facebook and being unemployed. I've spent a great deal of it writing, reading and doing yoga, so I'll be smarter and more flexible by the time I "see" most of you again.

Well, I may not be smarter, but I can hold crow for about 5 breaths, and I have an increased sense calmness and peace. Evidently, just reading other people's drama profoundly affected my peace of mind.

And I am still not an intellectual, but I've learned that I can dust, sweep, mop, clean toilets, the whole housecleaning shebang in about two hours when I don't stop to read notifications every five minutes.

I have watched some really good moves. You know, actually watched them--not the whole listen as you scroll and occasionally look up, and:
"Hahaha, did you see that?"
"No, I missed it."
Is that just our house?

Although it all ready annoyed me, it's been reinforced how irritating it is to hang out with someone who looks at their phone constantly. At Christmas, I took a picture of my family seated around the kitchen table talking while everyone stared at their phones (Lily was looking at an ipod) and then had a big-time tantrum about it. IS EYE CONTACT TOO MUCH TO HOPE FOR? I think they put their phones down for about 30 seconds.

While, all of this is pretty minor and stuff I mostly knew (except crow, I couldn't do that before without falling on my head) and I'm sorry for missed opportunities to share love, prayer, and encouraging words--I do pray for my FB people every day. Here's my main lesson: Sometimes by sharing, we divide our blessings. There have been so many cute things Lily said or did. So many funny P'isms. Chloe accomplishments. Witty Brad comments. So many missed tweets and Facebook posts. But every one I didn't share stayed in my heart much longer.

Sunday, I was talking to one of my little mamas-to-be at church and sharing how I felt a little sense of sadness when my kids were born that I had to share them with the world. Their little kicks and movements were no longer mine alone. Everyone got to hold them and love them and feel their stretches and hiccups, and yes that is wonderful and amazing. But for nine months that had been just mine.

That's kind of how I've felt about all the cute pictures, funny sayings, and sweet comments the past few weeks. Because I haven't shared them, they've blessed me so much more--they're just hiccuping in my heart.

I haven't become some incredibly self-absorbed person. Not at all. I feel like I went to the eye doctor and when the lens flipped my life came into sharper focus. I've missed a lot by being so plugged in, and I don't intend to miss any more. I'll be happy to see my FB friends again, since most of them I don't get to see in every day life, but I will cherish the parts of my life that are just mine.


  1. Remember that thing about our unspoken ideas and perceptions thundering in our inner canyons like a thundering herd of buffalo? This reminds me of that, only this is about good things --- playing in the valley because we have kept them there. Also kind of like journaling --- some ideas, thoughts, learning points, seem to come to me with an assigned amount of energy. If I record them for myself first, I may have enough left over to share with someone else, but if I share first, I rarely go to the journal second.

    1. Yes, yes, yes!! I do remember that and agree. It's also kind of like doing a good deed and then telling people about it: You don't get rewarded by God because you all ready got rewarded by the world. It's great to be plugged in, but it's also a blessing to unplug sometimes.


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