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Dear Lord, My Baby Boy is a Teenager.

This weekend, my son turned 13. That was bizarro. It means he's only 3 years younger than Brad was when we started dating. It means that soon girls will think of him the way I thought (and still think) about his dad. That makes me throw up in my mouth.

He's just a little boy; right? He still crawls in my lap and snuggles with me. He still wants to hang out with us and doesn't think it's queer to go on a date with his mom. He's not embarrassed by the notes I put in his lunch. A couple years ago he told me someone made fun of my note in his lunch, and I said, "Well, I'm sorry his mom doesn't love him as much as I love you." But I asked him if he was embarrassed, and I told him it would not hurt my feelings if he didn't want me to put notes in his lunch. He said, "No, Mom. I like your notes."

But very soon, he's not gonna be a little boy anymore. He goes to high school next year. Surely, I can't put notes in his lunch then. And I wonder if we will still be able to gush over him. He is the only boy in a family of strong female personalities. We love loud and expressively. We hug and kiss and gush.

My husband gets really uncomfortable and embarrassed when the womenfolk in his family gush over him. It generally only happens at events that serve alcohol; nevertheless, it happens. See, we were both pretty invisible in our families, so now when they "see" us, it's awkward. For a long time, we only saw each other. For a long time, that was comfortable. It's still comfortable when it's just us. We see each other, and we are happy in that world.

Once, we lost a group of friends that meant a great deal to me. I cried, and Brad said, "We were fine before, and we will be fine again. All we need are the people in this house." Our circle has grown to include others, but he's right: If we just had God and each other, we'd still be just fine.

But someday, my boy is not gonna live in this house. Someday, my boy is not gonna need me. Someday, is his wife going to have to remind him to call me? Is she going to suggest that he should send me a card? Is she going to dislike me? Will she think I'm crazy and possessive? Will she think that his sisters and I are too overbearing and keep him away from us? Will he decide that he just needs the people in his house?

I don't let myself go down that road too often, but I actually pray a lot about my son's future wife. I pray that she will love and cherish his tender heart. I pray that she won't run over him or take advantage of his gentle nature. I pray that she will appreciate and encourage him. I pray that she will want to be part of our family. I actually have a lovely young lady picked out for him at church, but I guess that might be overbearing. Course, if that happened to be God's will, I would surely rejoice. This is the time where I imagine God shaking his head at me. Lovingly, of course.

In the meantime, I will keep praying and doing my best to cultivate a relationship that will stand the tests the teen years bring. And I will still snuggle my son every opportunity I get. I will ALWAYS cheer the loudest at his games and try to restrain myself from hurting anyone who hurts him. I prayed so much for him during the years I tried to get pregnant, and I didn't stop when I had him. My prayers just changed from please to thank you.


  1. I know that special future girl will LOVE you and your amazing, loving, kind family! Wonderful post, you inspire me so much :)

    1. Thank you so much, sweet, lovely Sara!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. At 13, I believe, much of his core personality has been established. He will outwardly go through his adolescent moods, swept up by hormones, peer pressure and his need to individuate himself from his parents and family. But the very core of him: his morals, his values and his capacity to give and receive love, that has been well established, even at his very tender age. I believe that you will be challenged by him over the upcoming years but you will ultimately reap the rewards of your hard work and attention. Be patient. And continue to enjoy each moment that life presents.

    1. Thank you, Irving, for your encouragement and brilliant insight!


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