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Serve God not people

Sunday, I did not feel like going to church. I have been sick for a week. I cried all day Saturday because Chloe was going back to school Sunday. I really wanted to crawl into my turtle shell and hide. But, the Holy Spirit whispered, "go..." that's it. No big earth shattering signs. No hawk flying at my head. Did I tell you about that? Seriously a hawk flew right past my head. I still don't know what that meant. Chloe gets dreams, and I get crop dusted by a bird of prey. Awesome. But I digress, the Holy Spirit whispered, "go."

So, even though I felt crappy and sad and stuffy, and I stomped and pouted a little about it, I went. We had a guest speaker, which really didn't make me happy: "Great, a 20-something-hipster without a lick of life experience to help me in my walk with God. woo hoo." I didn't feel good so my inner critic was even nastier than her usual nasty self. The Holy Spirit whispered, "Shhh." That's it. Just, "shhh."

So, I went and listened to the hipster guest speaker. Sometimes. I studied his bow tie. I wondered about his dialect, "Where is he from again? Phoenix? I bet it's warm there..." I wondered how old he was, he looked like a young kid, but he mentioned his wife. And why aren't the bible verses up on the screens? Of course today I wouldn't get a message map. Today, when my OCD is out of control, and he kept saying, "You might want to write this down." All right, dude, I would but I can't.

But then he interrupted my nonsensical thoughts by saying, "Serve God not people." Wait. Say that again. "Serve God Not People." Now that made sense to me. We tell our Impact team, "You're not serving us; you're serving God." That's what made me go to church Sunday, that little whispered, "go," that reminded me that it's not about me. It's not about my family. It's not about The Movement. It's about God. It's Him that I serve. And how do I serve Him? By loving His people. Boom. Darn little hipster in his bow tie.


  1. Hmm, a bow tie. He didn't mention glee, did he?

  2. I really enjoyed this. I hate to be "that guy", but this goes along with something I wrote on my blog recently and am trying to make sense of. Hope you might take a look.

  3. Thanks, Don :) I enjoy your writing immensely! And as far as your social media musings, I think you're right on.


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