What's Your Type?

You all know how much I love personality tests. I read, write, and talk about them all the time. True story: I have a slowly growing note in Google Keep with all my people's types. It grows slowly because sometimes, my gentle, "Hey would you take this test please" pleas are met with resistance, eye-rolling, and occasional disdain. Not from two of my closest friends who are 2's though; they are ON IT, and I love them for always indulging me.

Lately, the enneagram keeps coming into my path, so I'm paying attention. I have not studied it much because there is SO MUCH INFORMATION it feels overwhelming. Some time ago, I'd done a test and recall my type was between 2 and 4, the helper and the individualist/romantic. I've listened and read enough to agree with these types. I like to help people...my love language is acts of service--I show love by doing--but I don't need or even really like to be needed. In fact, I immediately start backing away from needy people. And 4...well, yes, I consider myself self-aware, emotionally honest, and tend to be moody and self-conscious.

After listening to Shauna Niequist (one of my absolute favorite writers) and her husband Aaron talk about their types and the effects on their relationship on Ian Cron's podcast, Typology, I was further encouraged to learn more. Unsure of where/when I took the test before, I decided to retake it. I spent a very few minutes on the first free test Google showed me and got type 1. The Perfectionist. Hmmmm...

Now, I've taken most personality tests MULTIPLE TIMES to make sure I answered the questions as my real self and not some ideal of who I want to be, and I've never had my type change. So...I must have answered something wrong. Now, this particular test was the variety with 5 bubbles that went from disagree strongly to agree strongly, and I mostly answered somewhere in the middle because I didn't have particularly strong feelings about any of the statements. This changing result ate at me a little bit (not a perfectionist At. All.) so I took the test on Ian Cron's site.

You already know I got 1 again.

First thought: I am so not a perfectionist.

And here's the thing, I'm not perfect in any way: My house is not perfect. My kids are not perfect. My hair, makeup, clothes, body--totally imperfect. My Christmas decorations are obnoxiously imperfect. My puppy is pretty freaking close, but even she is not quite perfect.

However, full disclosure: Because of all the above-mentioned stuff, I have struggled to be okay with imperfection. BUT: Deep down, I think I might still prefer things to be perfect. My house, my body, my hair, mySELF. Especially myself. So had I read the description of a 1: conscientious, responsible, improvement-oriented, can be critical and self-judging (ya think?) fully a little sooner, I might have recognized myself.

This is not at all what I set out to write today, but here it is. I'm trying to go with the flow more and steer the boat less this year.

Have you studied the enneagram or taken other personality tests? I would love to hear about it.

I included links to the podcast and test I mentioned, and here's another great podcast with Jen Hatmaker interviewing Chris Heuertz, author of The Sacred Enneagram, Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth.

Things I planned to write about: Bullet Journaling, 52 lists project, and not living from a place of should. Maybe another day.



  1. You know I had to go take the test again. I'm a 1 according to the test on Ian's site. When I took it before (whatever random place that was) my highest score was 6, but 1 was a close second (only one point difference). So taking it again and getting a 1 is interesting. I'm not sure being a perfectionist means that anything in our lives feels perfect to us. In fact,I think it's the desire for perfection that keeps me from being content with how I am.

    1. That is interesting—the 6 to 1 shift, especially. I can see my unhealthy tendencies toward 2 and 4 sometimes. My husband is a 6–a healthy one, I think. Your last sentence perfectly sums it up for me too. The desire for perfection keeps me from being content with how I am. Working on letting that go. Thanks, Mel!


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