You Gotta Fight . . for Your Right

I rarely post about controversial issues. It's not so much that I was raised believing that it's impolite to talk about religion or politics--even though I was. It's more that when I feel strongly about something, and someone expresses what I feel is hate, discrimination, intolerance or changes my perception of them. Those issues are few in number, but those few are deal breakers. And I understand that these issues also cause "friends" to change their opinion of me. It's all good.

A lot of people get worked up about their "rights," but many don't stop to consider that historically one group's "rights" have come at the expense of another's. Was it white people's "right" to enslave black people? Was it man's "right" to rape and abuse women? In the past, people believed that. Some still do.

Not so long ago people were up in arms about same-sex marriage. Not sure how it affected them. It affected our family because now my beautiful sisters can get married.

People are pissed that Harriet Tubman is on currency. Ummm...whyyyyyy?

And today, some are incensed about transgender individuals' freedom to use the bathroom with which they identify. Maybe they are confused about what trans means? Because certainly they wouldn't look at any of the beautiful, kind, loving, generous trans individuals I know and call them "perverts." That wouldn't even make any sense.

Certainly they wouldn't consider a precious, bright-eyed, innocent little three-year-old who played with dolls and longed to wear dresses a pervert. Most probably wouldn't even realize this grown-up child had a penis if they saw her in a bathroom. She's stunning. They likely wouldn't see her penis unless they invaded her privacy.

However, the gentle but very masculine-looking man who was born with a vagina incites panic, dirty looks and angry comments when he enters the women's restroom. He has to use that restroom. He has to endure those looks. He doesn't meant to scare the women...he just has to sit down to pee.

I understand that some people naturally fear what's different. I just don't understand why the reaction so often seems to be panic and hysteria. It's okay to be scared of what you don't understand, but ask a question, read a book, use the freaking internet for something other than fear-mongering ... perhaps to enlighten yourself.

It's appalling. I'm horrified.

Lots of people are afraid of the boogieman. And yes, let's be honest: Bad people exist. However, statistically speaking you and your children are far more likely to be abused, hurt, and victimized by someone you already know and trust than by a stranger. That means you're probably more likely to encounter the boogieman in your own home than in the Target bathroom.

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