Searching vs. Seeking

Today, my sister in law mentioned my "energy has been different." Although, I wasn't aware of a shift, it was apparent enough to her that she felt prompted to check on me. And that, of course, led me to question my behavior, demeanor, attitude and energy.

I try to be very aware of how I treat people, act, behave, and express myself in all interactions. I try to be kind, genuine, and seek to understand others rather than just responding or sharing information about myself. I try not only to make people feel that I'm interested, but also to genuinely BE* interested.

Generally, I'm about as transparent as a freshly cleaned window, and if someone perceives that I'm upset, off, distracted, it is usually because I am. Only once have I ever been "accused" of being stand-offish when I really had no idea that I was being stand-offish. And that caught me so off-guard that I've monitored the space I take up even more vigilantly since.

So when she said this--mind you, my sister-in-law is a straight shooter who would not ask this if she didn't genuinely sense something was amiss--it knocked me a little off-kilter.

Here's what I figured out.

My energy is different. I don't give it away anymore to people, places, things, or thoughts that don't inspire me. That doesn't mean I don't care ... I just don't hop on board the feelings express every time. Also, the more time I spend meditating, writing, doing yoga and just being, the less I engage with so many of the silly things that used to work me up.

Meditation teachers advise that when a thought crosses your mind during meditation, simply acknowledge it and then let it go. This simple revelation has rocked my world. For 43 years, I never had the space between an action and reaction that many people have. That space that allows you to process things before (over)reacting. Many of you have that space. Brad does. He has a big space. Sometimes, he doesn't react at all.

Meditation has given me that space. I'm still learning and practicing using the space, but I am so grateful every time I am able to observe, acknowledge and not lose my shit.

I read an article that clarified my energy shift beautifully. I have transitioned from a searcher to a seeker.

"A searcher needs ... to be supported to help find their goals. They need to find the thing that will provide motivation and propel them forward. This will require a more in-depth examination of values and wants, learning what makes the person tick and what gives his life meaning. 

A seeker has already set the path for herself. She may need help motivating to follow the course, to reach the goals, to keep envisioning and acting upon her own agency and pathways, but there is something already in her mind that she wants to achieve. " 

So thank you, my darling little sister, for helping me to see this.

Do you have that space? How did you get it or was it always there? Or, if you're like me, did you even know there was a space?

*I know that split infinitive irks me too, but "to be" feels so Shakespeare-y. 


  1. I am truly sorry for all that has transpired. It is clear from your blog. Not to mention what I already know of you, you ate one in a million. A good person, wife, and mother. I suppose a party of me may have been using you in hopes you'd take what I said back to our mutual acquaintance, but if I'm being truly honesty, I find solace in your words asks love reading your blog. You are very gifted with words and wish you all the best. Oh, asks cut yourself a break, you are doing a wonderful job. Keep on blogging because your words at times are truly inspirational.

  2. Thank you, Liz. I appreciate your kind words and am so glad that my words have touched you in some way.


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