Still not mother of the year

The past few weeks, my life has been a little busier than normal. I've felt--quite frequently--like I had a lot of balls in the air, and that one of them was bound to drop sooner or later. I have been talking to myself. A lot. I fit in pretty well at the nursing home. It's like when I am trying to remember a phone number, I'll say it over and over again in my mind since I can never find a paper to write it down.

Now, however, I'm saying all these things in my head because I wrote them down somewhere, but I can't find the damn paper so my inner dialogue is like, "Pick up Peyton at 5 or 7, wait what day is it: Monday, okay 5, I think. Lily has gymnastics. Drop off the recycling. Pick up my mom's laundry. Bring her insurance card. Did I bring her clean undershirts and the kind of socks she likes? Did I text Chloe good morning? Did I check on Lori? Did I pack lunches this morning or were the kids buying? Did we study spelling words or did Lily really write "whore" instead of "were" anyway?" True story. Good that her teacher is a precious angel who finds humor in my parenting shortcomings.

All of this has made me feel much more compassionate toward those around me as I think most of us probably have way more going on than anyone knows. Since, I'm always trying to work those four agreements and lots of times getting stuck on not taking things personally, this is helping.

I have a really bad habit of sinking into myself. Crawling into my shell and dropping out of every inessential (by inessential, I mean no one will die if I don't show up) part of my life. That means, I don't really talk to my friends. I don't go anywhere with anyone. Often I'm short if I remember to respond at all. All of this is an effort to protect and nourish my spirit, but it can often seem to people who care about me, that I'm mad at them or being a bitch. I'm really so sorry.

I'm working on doing a better job of communicating. And at the same time, I'm going to make some vows to you, my girlfriends, who are doing so much more than anyone knows, often at the expense of taking care of yourself the way you need and deserve to be loved and cared for. If you would, though, please pass it on...
  1. If you forget to pick your son up from any sporting event, I will take him home. I will not tell anyone that you forgot or give you any shit about it. We don't ever have to speak of it.
  2. Those pants look good on you. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow too if that is what you choose. I don't care how often you do laundry or if you gained 10 pounds and they're the only comfortable thing you have. I promise I didn't even notice until you told me.
  3. Your daughter is beautiful even if her clothes don't match and are too small. I know that she has a whole wardrobe of matching adorable clothes but it isn't worth fighting with her in the morning.
  4. I don't judge you for yelling at your kids. Good lord, if someone had a hidden camera in my car or house, child protective services would be at my door daily. I am at times a horrible raving lunatic.
  5. I couldn't care less if your kids valentines aren't homemade. I force my child to do crafts so we can bond, dammit; she would much rather have store bought ones. We're all works in progress.
I could go on and on and on. Sometimes we are just so mean to each other. Judging and comparing and competing and gossiping and bleck, bleck, bleck. I promise you all, right now, if you're reading this: I am never going to judge you, your clothes, your kids, your parenting, your weight, your hair or anything else. I get it. I understand. I feel you. My mantle is still void of a mother of the year trophy. Actually, I don't even have a mantle! What do you think about that?

Please, let's be kind to each other. And more than that? Let's be kind to ourselves.



  1. Notes app on your phone. It's a lifesaver. You never need paper. Good for numbers, thoughts, idea, phrases, plans and the odd eerily detailed plan for slowly torturing someone to death over the course of days or months or years and never getting caught (it's a work in progress).

    1. i do use that handy dandy little app as well 😘


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