21 Days: Day 10

Mmmmm, two digits. Almost halfway. We are moving a sister this weekend, which reminded me that we moved another sister last year during the Daniel Fast, which reminded me that the best part of moving is the beer and pizza after. There's not gonna be any beer and pizza, folks.

Today was a pretty normal day--a blessing as "normal" days have been the exception lately. Brad went to work, both kids went to school, and I did 47 loads of laundry and ran the errands I don't like to think about when Brad and the kids are here.

1. A good night's sleep makes for a good morning. I hit the snooze button and counted blessings for the whole snooze period. Bed, Brad, kids, friends, a whole day by myself ... so many.

2. The extra time home pretty much depleted the kids' snack cupboard, so after a meeting I headed to ALDI to fill it back up. If you didn't already know, ALDI has their buggies chained together, so you need to deposit a quarter to get a buggy, then return and re-chain it to get your quarter back. You also have to bring your own bags or boxes. I'm often scatter-brained and have more than a few times found myself there with no quarter and no bags. It's a great way to save money since you can only buy what you can carry. Unfortunately, if you were planning to do several weeks' worth of shopping, it's a downer.

Once, I got the bright idea of paying it forward by leaving my quarter in buggy in case someone came along and didn't have one. I imagined how thrilled I would have been on one of those quarter-less trips to find an available buggy. So, I've been running this shopping buggy ministry for years. Only a few times have I spoken to anyone about it. A person would say, "Hey you forgot your quarter!" And I explained. Usually they smile. Some say it's a good idea and leave their own quarter. Once, a lady pointed out my mistake. When I told her it was intentional, she looked at me like I had three heads. Then she took her quarter. And mine. I stared dumbfounded as she smugly walked to her car. I said some bad words. If I could have willed a comet to crash to earth right at that moment...

But I told you all this so that it would make sense why I was so ecstatic when I went to ALDI today, and there were FOUR buggies with quarters already in them! People are being kind and thoughtful even if it is in a small seemingly insignificant way. It's important. That little bitty ripple of kindness you sent out into the world is meaningful. You might never know who you touched or how you impacted them, but if you are sending goodness and love out into the universe, it matters.

3. Well, I mailed the stack of Thank You notes that were on my microwave. Also, I bought some groovy Janis Joplin stamps which made me super happy because I love that little raspy-voiced legend.

Janis is also a member of the 27 Club -- famous musicians including Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and more who died at 27 -- which is significant today because it's my brother Chris' birthday. He died just a few weeks after his 27th birthday, and he was a rock star to me. So those stamps made me happy even though writing about it now makes me cry. Even after almost 26 years.

Time doesn't heal wounds, but it affords you space, perspective and opportunity for growth. Life isn't always fair. It rarely works out how we plan it. Sometimes you have to carry all your groceries in your arms, but sometimes someone leaves a quarter in the buggy. Whatever we do, no matter how small, when we do it with love, it matters.

How are you guys doing today? What are you especially grateful for? Did you make anything remarkable to eat? I bought some cauliflower that I'm gonna try to make into something fabulous. Maybe tomorrow. I'm not feeling it today so I'm subsisting on apples and almonds. Speaking of: Where on earth were honey crisp apples for the first 30-something years of my life? No bother. They are here now. Thank Goodness!

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