Knowledge vs. Love

Every morning, after reading a chapter or two in the Bible, I flip through and read a few sporadic verses. Sometimes those verses speak to me. Sometimes they encourage. Other times they convict. This morning's blew me away: "...But while knowledge makes us feel important, it is love that strengthens the church. Anyone who claims to know all the answers doesn’t really know very much. But the person who loves God is the one whom God recognizes." (1 Corinthians 8:1-3) 

In this, Paul was talking about food sacrificed to idols and by church he means people, not the place some of us go on Sunday or for weddings and funerals. I specify the church thing because I never realized that before attending The Movement

I promise this isn't about meat, which I don't eat. Of course I've written about that, if you're interested.

Man, I take a long time to make a point; here we go: Sometimes we get so caught up in logistics, and rules, and answers, and figuring things out that we forget just to love God and each other. I cringe hearing people spew hate and judgement in Jesus' name or under the guise of "defending the Bible." Seriously? Are we so arrogant to think God needs us to stick up for Him? I'm pretty sure the Creator of the Universe is solid. And even if He did need our help, hate certainly would not be the approach He would encourage. He might tell us to Love and Serve. In fact, He did.
The last few days I have been praying almost without ceasing because every time I think of my daughter and can't talk to her, I pray. Lord, keep her safe. Lord, guide her steps. Lord, I'm scared. But the more vulnerable I am, the nearer to Him I draw, and the nearer He feels. This season of my life is completely out of my control. Rather than fight it, I am choosing to surrender completely, and in my surrender, God reaches out to me. I imagine Him saying, "There you are. Now we can make some progress." 

Last week during OAA's, my son complained every day about the stupid things he had to learn and why did it matter and algebra sucks, and why do we need to know this, and holy crap, I forgot how rough it is to be a teenager. However, in some ways I agree with him. We spend so much time trying to impart knowledge and skills to make our kids successful in this competitive world that we neglect to teach them love, compassion, and respect for others despite the fact that the latter lessons will undoubtedly serve them better in the future. I have never used Algebra a day in my life, but I interact with people every day.

So today, I'm gonna trade in knowledge for love. Instead of trying to figure people out, I'm going to encourage them unconditionally. Today, instead of making a snarky remark, I'll speak love. Today, instead of rolling my eyes at someone's self-congratulatory Facebook post, I will see beneath the bravado to someone striving to feel validated. I might be a complete jerk tomorrow, but I'm gonna really try not to be today :)

Peace out.


  1. Tell your son that I got a degree in theatre and ended up working in design and for 15 or so years ended up using algebra and trig and geometry and having to admit, completely gobsmacked, "Well, shit. I AM using it. Who'da thunk it?"

    Ya just never know where life might take you.

    1. You're right, and I'm pretty confident he will use it. But I also know a few techie type guys who could have used a few more courses in how not to be a condescending dick.

      Ms. Hyde would be so proud of you :)


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