Losing my mind in 4,3,2,1...

I rarely take things for granted. Kindness, goodness, blessings, and the people attached to those sentiments overwhelm me with gratitude. You know that picture circulating on social media, "What if you woke up tomorrow with only what you thanked God for last night"? I'd be solid. I thank Him constantly for the wonderful miracles in my life.

As you've probably guessed, that intro is leading up to what I do take for granted. Well, it's not a what. It's a who. Ugh...I hate admitting this, but I take my husband for granted sometimes.

Usually when I realize I am doing or have done so, I apologize immediately, write him long, appreciative letters, and make him feel extra loved. And honestly, he's stereotypically guyish and not super in touch with his emotions, so he doesn't sitting around whining that he's not appreciated.

And, he asks for very little. Mostly. Last week, he started a new job and text me 37 million times as I'm the keeper of all important personal information--even his. But as far as emotional support, the scale is definitely shifted in my favor.

I'm a basket case 25-95% of the time depending on what's going on in our life. A messy house, squabbling kids, writer's block, or any variety of issues might send me spiraling into a panic. He talks me off proverbial ledges. Unless the ledges are work related, then my boss/friend talks me down--she is my work husband. Also, occasionally, he puts me on the ledge, and for those instances I am fortunate to have the most amazing girlfriends who pull me back in. I don't spend as much of my life on the edge of sanity as this implies, but there are moments...or weeks.

This is of one of those weeks. I'm very excited for our daughter who will be leaving for an adventure in Brazil on Friday. I'm also a little nervous that our daughter will be leaving for an adventure in Brazil on Friday because I won't be able to talk to her for two weeks. I have immense faith and am beyond thrilled that she will have this amazing experience, but I'm also her mama. To outsiders, a beautiful, accomplished, bright and eager 20-year-old will be boarding a plane with her professor and classmates, but in my eyes, that person is a tiny blonde baby who was sleeping on my shoulder with my hair twisted around her finger...just a minute ago.

Consequently, I'm a little anxious and when I'm anxious, my person is always next to me, holding my hand, rubbing his thumb along my thumb, twirling my hair, patting my back, and catching me (figuratively and literally on occasion). When we put this same child on the bus to kindergarten 15 years ago, he stood behind me waving and whispering into my hair, "Don't cry, baby," until this bus was down the road and our baby girl was out of sight and then caught me up in his arms laughing, "Okay, you can cry now."

When I put her on this plane, he will be in another state, so I can't fall apart. He'll listen to me cry the whole way home, but it won't be the same as depositing mascara all over the front of his shirt.

So, I'm anxious, and I would appreciate if you guys could (as my dear friend said one time,) "say a prayer or light a candle or do whatever it is you do" for us on Friday as my heart is scattered all over the world.


  1. of course i'll be praying for my clobear as she goes abroad & for her lovely momma to have strength while she's adventuring!

  2. Thank you so much, sweet Sara :) You are such a dear friend to her. It makes my heart smile to watch the two of you grow closer as women than you were even as little girls!


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