A Story Unfinished: 99 Days With Eliot (Review)

Since I have been devouring books on my social media break, I am thrilled for the opportunity to review titles for Beacon Hill Press--that's the cute new little button you see on the right. Although I probably wouldn't have chosen this title on my own, I am grateful for any opportunity to strengthen my faith and compassion.

A Story Unfinished: 99 days with Eliot, details one family's journey through pregnancy, a heartbreaking diagnosis, and the unexpected opportunity to love a baby who wasn't supposed to live. At 30 weeks pregnant, the Mooneys were told their son, Eliot, had a genetic disorder that would likely end his life before it even got started.  However, God had a different plan, and Eliot's parents got to spend 99 days with him.

This family finds their faith stretched, tested, and strengthened beyond what many people could imagine, and they learn the lessons, apply them and bless others with their knowledge. This story gives a fresh perspective on life's blessings a sweet reminder to be grateful for grace in every moment.

Although Matt Mooney's writing style is stilted, unnatural, and almost condescending at times, the story is so genuinely engaging that I persevered, despite occasional irritation at his abuse of the thesaurus. By the end, I began to like him despite his lofty language and genuinely admired his honest and unapologetic style. 

A Story Unfinished is an an honest and heart-wrenching story of grief, sadness, and loss, but it is also an encouraging and uplifting tale of love, faith and devotion. To learn more about the Mooneys, their story, Eliot, and their organization 99 Balloons, visit: http://theatypicallife.com/blog/



  1. I found that video shortly after Makenna died. Tears, beauty, heartache and hope, all rolled into one. Love you.

    1. I love you and thought of you as I read this <3


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